July 8, 2015

Updating Your Bedroom with Accents and Throw Pillows

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Bedroom looking a little plain? Well, your living room and outdoor area aren’t the only places deserving of attention to design. Your bedroom deserves just as much attention, and not just the bedspread. 

By adding an accent wall, your bedroom will instantly liven up. An accent wall could be a painted solid splash color like red or navy, or pasted decorative wall paper. Either or, the next step is update your bedspread. Many sets come with suggested throw pillows to match the bedspread but if your bedspread color is a simple white then for a more creative approach throw in an accent pillow matching the newly decorated wall.

There was a woman on TV that wanted to remodel her guest room. It was a plain room with no life to it at all, that was described as an “undecorated hotel room.” To spruce it up she added a purple accent wall and stuck two giant bird cage stickers from Walmart on it. She kept the bedspread the same but found purple throw pillows with a similar design as the wall stickers. It was an easy, quick and affordable way to update her guest room.

Her guests thoroughly enjoyed the update.

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