January 6, 2015

Spice Up your Living Room like a Parisian

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Feel like lounging in picturesque Paris?  You can turn your living room into an authentic-looking Parisian living room by following these tips.

Group your furniture and furnishings with floral prints.  Decorative pillows, seat cushions, and table covers must contain at least a small helping of large soft floral designs in order to create that classy, chic feel. Remember to look for upholstery made from natural materials such as linen and silk, and keep all other décor in plain, toned-down hues to avoid overloading the room with florals. It would help augment the ambiance more if the furniture has curvaceous soft silhouettes.

For the windows, weighing them down with heavy drapes is a no-no. Add lacy panels for a good balance of privacy and open-air. Create an illusion of light by painting your walls white.

You can call your living room “French”, but it wouldn’t be complete without a chandelier. For the last defining piece hang a chandelier overhead to clearly project the Parisian ambiance. Think of how every French interior always seems to feature a chandelier—like the Palace of Versailles. Now this embodies the entire motif!

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