June 23, 2015

New Life for Your Old Couch

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Your family room is the hub of your home, the place where everyone gathers to enjoy TV and movies, relax and chat, stretch out and nap. But now everyone’s favorite piece of furniture is beginning to look a little tired. Not ready to invest in a new couch? Great news! You don’t need to. Here are four quick, inexpensive ways to spark new life into your couch and family room.

Move it
Simply and easily, you can create the feel of a new room merely by changing the locations of your couch. Is it against a wall? Float it in the room, or move it in front of a window. You can even increase the visual energy by placing it at an angle in the corner.

Change what’s around it
If you’re happy with your couch’s location, try changing end tables or lamps. Swap out artwork on the wall with a montage of family photographs. The differences will update your home and create a new look.

Cover it
Another way to add a fresh feel to your couch is to purchase a slipcover. You can select from an array of fabrics, colors and patterns that are as eye-catching as they are comfortable. The key to this approach is to make sure you measure carefully to ensure a good fit.

Throw pillows for a couch are a stylish, expressive means to revitalize your furniture. For instance, a whimsical design bordered with bright piping introduces a playful element to a dark leather coach, while a silky single-color pillow adds a dramatic accent to a patterned couch. Whatever your creative mood might be, throw pillows provide a graceful blend of texture, color and pattern that will breathe new life into your favorite couch.

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