June 8, 2015

Throw Pillows Add Glamour and Sophistication to Any Room

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Throw pillows used to be considered strictly functional and were not given much thought. Selection was limited and they often came with the couches or chairs that you purchased. Now, however, throw pillows have become an important decorating item for every room in the house. While still functional, they also can add glamour and sophistication to any setting.

While some prefer to add pillows after they decorate, a new way to approach remodeling is to decorate your room after you find pillows that you love. For example, browsing through an online catalog, a homeowner found a pillow that had the look of a hand-painted medallion in cornflower blue set against a subtle pattern of cream and saffron. She loved the throw pillows so much, she had a paint store match the blue in a satin finish that she used to paint her family room. She then purchased a natural fiber rug in rich beige that matched another color in the pillow.

The throw pillows became the focal point of her room, from which she decorated the rest of the room. Using the beauty of fabric as genesis for decorating is a way to ensure your room reflects the glamour and sophistication of your personal style.

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