August 5, 2015

Flowers Add Magical Enchantment All Year Long

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Why not bring the charm of that smile-inducing comfort to your patio? Dazzle your guests and delight your senses with a fabulous combination of outdoor pillows and cushions. Start with bright florals set off by a rich blue background, signature design of the Telfair Peacock 18.5-inch Throw Pillow and Wicker Loveseat Cushion. Your garden will envy the way the floral pattern appears to swirl and pop into life. And every moment these stylish throw pillows and outdoor cushions tantalize your eyes; they’ll also cradle your body, thanks to their superior comfort level. Add an Annie Westport Reversible 18.5-inch Throw Pillow to introduce warm notes of earth and spectacular flowers – then add a second pillow, reversed to accent the colorful mélange with a cheerful array of bright complimentary stripes. Suddenly, your patio has been transformed into an inviting garden of colors, stripes and flowers.

August 4, 2015

Celebrate Summer and Prepare for Guests with New Outdoor Cushions

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Summer brings fresh air, warm temperatures and longer days to entertain family and friends. Now is a perfect time to spruce up your outdoor living area to make it inviting and welcoming for the fun days and nights ahead. Think Color and Comfort Think you have to sacrifice color for comfort? Not with Pillow Perfect! Our Baja Resort Peacock collection offers vibrant style and luxurious comfort to your outdoor seating area. This collection will help you celebrate the season with bright, refreshing blues and lively greens. The Resort Peacock rounded corners chair cushion is an excellent addition to your outdoor seating and a welcoming invitation to your guests.

August 2, 2015

Creating a Perfect Summer Haven

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The glorious, balmy days of summer are here, a rejuvenating season of relaxation, cool drinks and lively conversations. In preparing your patio for memorable gatherings, transform the ambiance of your outdoor entertaining environment by employing a few simple design ideas. Umbrellas Offer Elegance and Shade Adding an umbrella to your patio not only provides comforting shade, but also beautifully expresses your personal style. Include the Ummi Multi 9-foot Patio Market Umbrella in your backyard, and you craft a look of breezy elegance that ushers friends and guests into a joyful atmosphere of swirling shapes and energizing colors. It immediately beckons your guests to a lighthearted celebration.

July 31, 2015

Vibrant Throw Pillows Add Burst of Color to Liven Your Home

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Outdoor pillows do more than offer comfort; they provide the exclamation point to your outdoor décor. And nothing livens your get-togethers more than throw pillows in vibrant colors. Our Bronport collection is bright and festive. The Bronwood Carnival Rounded Corner Chair Cushion swirls in a lively floral pattern of orange, turquoise, yellow and red. The extra comfortable cushions flatter any type of furniture from neutral metals to wrought iron. Extra details, like the matching fabric ties, are both practical and beautiful. Add matching throw pillows in Bronwood Carnival, the bold coordinating stripe Westport Spring, or rectangular throw pillows in our bright orange Forsyth Coral for a tropical feel.

July 29, 2015

Add Excitement to Your Outdoor Entertaining

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Add extra fun to your get-togethers this summer with our collection of outdoor pillows. Vibrant florals, bold stripes and exciting solids combine to create a festive outdoor living environment that will add spark and excitement to your outdoor entertaining.

Our Bronwood Carnival rounded corners chair cushion features a swirling, whimsical pattern of flowers and colors that will make you feel like a kid again.
Featuring bright shades of turquoise, coral, yellow and red, the Bronport Spring Collection is an enjoyable way to jazz up your outdoor living room.

July 8, 2015

Updating Your Bedroom with Accents and Throw Pillows

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Bedroom looking a little plain? Well, your living room and outdoor area aren’t the only places deserving of attention to design. Your bedroom deserves just as much attention, and not just the bedspread. 

June 30, 2015

Rocking Chair Cushions Provide Excellent Aid to Bond with Baby

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There is nothing more exciting than the expected arrival of a baby. Whether you’re an expectant mother or adopting, just thinking about how to decorate the nursery leads to endless possibilities. But while you’re thinking, one of the most important things to consider is the rocking chair and rocking chair cushions. 

June 23, 2015

What to Look for in Outdoor Chair Cushions

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Outdoor chair cushions come in many styles and patterns. They are sold in mass market retailers, garden shops and by catalog. With so many options, how does one choose? A good thing about all these options is you have choices. These are key things to keep in mind as you shop for outdoor chair cushions.

How to Prepare Your Front Porch for Visitors

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There’s nothing more iconic or inviting than a front porch. In small towns, suburbs or large cities, the front porch is a welcoming retreat. It’s easy to imagine the conversations, the company, and the good memories that have taken place on the front porches of thousands of homes across America.

Easy Outdoor Entertaining

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Summertime and outdoor entertaining go hand in hand. There’s no better way to spend time with friends than an outdoor barbecue or get together on your private deck or patio. To keep the entertainment fresh and conversations lively, consider a Hawaiian theme for your next party. Here are easy steps you can take.

New Life for Your Old Couch

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Your family room is the hub of your home, the place where everyone gathers to enjoy TV and movies, relax and chat, stretch out and nap. But now everyone’s favorite piece of furniture is beginning to look a little tired. Not ready to invest in a new couch? Great news! You don’t need to. Here are four quick, inexpensive ways to spark new life into your couch and family room.

Outdoor Furniture Cushions Complete the Perfect Sunroom

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Long summer days allow us to enjoy the warmth of the sun in the morning and late evening. Staying indoors is not an option for those craving to soak up the sunlight, so why not take this time to create the sunroom of your dreams?

June 18, 2015

How to Keep Your Decorative Pillows Clean

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Decorative pillows add personality to your living space, so periodically cleaning them is a must. Since decorative pillows aren’t the type to simply be thrown into the washing machine, a little extra care by hand washing is needed. The first thing you should do is carefully read the care label on your pillow to determine the best method for cleaning. Many decorative pillows are able to detach the cover from the insert. Look for the zipper and continue to read the care label. But for those that do not detach, check the fabric to determine how you should proceed.

June 8, 2015

Throw Pillows Add Glamour and Sophistication to Any Room

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Throw pillows used to be considered strictly functional and were not given much thought. Selection was limited and they often came with the couches or chairs that you purchased. Now, however, throw pillows have become an important decorating item for every room in the house. While still functional, they also can add glamour and sophistication to any setting.

Front Porch Makes a Comeback, Invites Family and Friends to Gather

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The front porch used to be a place where friends and family would gather and spend time enjoying each other’s company, chatting with neighbors and taking in the weather.
However, new technology introduced over the years –TVs, computers, cell phones, tablets – has provided distractions, and people have gotten away from visiting on the front porch, as they choose to spend more time indoors with their technological devices.

Outdoor Furniture Cushions Add Color, Personality to Outdoor Seating

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The distinction between indoor and outdoor rooms is becoming more fluid as we use outdoor areas as an extension of our home. As we spend more of our time enjoying outdoor rooms, comfortable seating becomes even more important.

Decorative Pillows Provide the Finishing Touch to a Well-Dressed Room

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Any time you are redecorating and furnishing a room in your home, one of the toughest tasks is deciding amongst all of your options. Between the color of paint for the walls, seating, curtains and rugs there are an endless array of styles to choose from.

Color Selection Helps Tie Together Elements of Your Room
One thing to keep in mind is all the small pieces that will help top off your space once you have added all the key elements, such as a couch, area rug, coffee tables and curtains. Decorative pillows are a superb addition for adding a splash of color or for tying together the theme of your room. By selecting decorative pillows that complement the color or pattern of your curtains, for example, your space will feel just like those in model homes.

June 2, 2015

Decorating with Color: What’s Trending

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While always in style, neutrals have taken on even more prominence in decorating with the recent announcement of “Color of the Year” by Pantone, Inc. This announcement is widely anticipated by designers around the world. The Color of the Year influences many products we use, from paint to pillows, from electronics to automobiles. Recently, Pantone announced its selection for 2015: Marsala. This is what Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute® had to say about this choice: “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in
to its embracing warmth…This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors."

May 31, 2015

25% Off Sale: Stock Up Now on Your Favorite Pillows

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Getting ready for a graduation party? Now is the perfect time to purchase outdoor cushions and pillows to update the look of your outdoor haven and provide comfortable seating for guests. Check out our new Clemens Noir pattern, available in a variety of options, including chair, garden bench and chaise lounge cushions, oversized rectangular throw pillows and more. The stylish Clemens Noir fabric, like all our outdoor fabrics, is weather resistant to hold up over many seasons. All Clemens Noir products are 25% off during this sale. With guests coming over, update your indoor living area as well. Most of our throw pillow and pillow inserts are on sale. The Fergano Aqua 23-inch floor pillow adds soothing color and practical comfort to your home. The oversized dimensions look great on a sofa or on the floor.

May 29, 2015

Get Ready for Spring Entertaining

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Comfortable Seating is Key A key feature to any great outdoor living area is comfortable seating. Whether you own wrought iron benches or wicker chairs, outdoor cushions are a must to keep you and your guests content. Outdoor cushions provide comfort while adding color and texture. For a fun, cheerful feel, add throw pillows and wicker seat cushions in our Full Bloom Zig Zag pattern. Part of our new lifestyle design series, they pair beautifully with the Forsyth Taupe rectangular throw pillows to add a sunny disposition to your outdoor room. Add an Outdoor Umbrella and Flowers To create an inviting living area, seating is not the only important feature. A stylish umbrella can serve as a focal point as it provides shade and highlights your new outdoor replacement cushions. Coordinating the umbrella fabric to your outdoor cushions is a wonderful way to top off your furniture and tie everything together.

May 4, 2015

New Patio Umbrellas Add Substance and Style to Outdoor Living

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Stay cool this summer with our new patio market patio umbrellas in 10 brand new designs that coordinate perfectly with our outdoor replacement cushions and outdoor decorative pillows. Topping off your outdoor retreat with a new patio market patio umbrella is a fantastic way to add the finishing touch to your outdoor space. The patio market umbrella is made with spun polyester, so you can rest assured it will last for seasons to come. With a 500-hour UV rating, this fabric is also fade- and weather-resistant to endure the elements and stay fresh and colorful all season long.

April 5, 2015

Outdoor Furniture Cushions Add Comfort and Style

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Outdoor furniture cushions are a much-needed item for your patio furniture. But in addition to them adding comfortable seating, they also can provide a warm and inviting ambience to your outdoor room.

Whether on a deck, a covered patio or poolside cabana, your outdoor furniture cushions need to be cared for to last and remain fresh and usable for years to come. Some easy-care tips include wiping spills immediately after they occur. This will prevent stains from settling. Most of the time, simply wiping with a damp sponge will suffice. However, if a stain begins to form, a simple solution of liquid dishwashing detergent and borax powder in water can work. Simply dab with a sponge and rinse with clear liquid and allow to air dry.

April 1, 2015

Decorative Pillows Express Your Personal Style

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Decorative pillows are an easy way to project your personal style and make a room into a home. They come in an endless variety of colors, prints, fabrics and sizes, so no matter which items you select, you will create an original look.

Have you ever wondered how furniture showrooms and model homes look so good?  You can recreate the same, designer look with decorative pillows. The key is to focus on one room at a time. Make sure you de-clutter and donate or repurpose any items you no longer love. Undecided? Store it in a box and set it aside while you decide.

March 25, 2015

Pillow Inserts Bring New Life to Your Pillows

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Pillow Inserts Bring New Life to Your Pillows

Are you in love with your favorite pillows, but thinking about getting rid of them because they no longer hold their shape? Think again. New pillow inserts may be just what you need and provide an economical alternative to buying a brand new pillow.

While you can purchase pillow inserts at many stores, you will want to buy from a company that specializes in making these. This will help ensure you are satisfied with your purchase and that the pillow insert lasts a long time.

March 20, 2015

Throw Pillow Covers Are An Easy Way to Redecorate

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Whether you are redecorating your home or simply updating for a new season, throw pillow covers are an easy and affordable way to express the look you are seeking. Throw pillow covers come in an endless variety of colors and prints, so you can be assured of finding just what you need.

Once you begin shopping for throw pillow covers, you may find it’s hard to decide which ones to select. The good news is that anything you select is the right choice, because each one will reflect your personal style. If you are unsure which to choose, or you can’t decide, let your instincts take over. Allow yourself to react, not think, in the selection process. 

January 22, 2015

Top Decorative Pillows Maker Launches “Lifestyle Design Series” Selections

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For a more daring, exotic look, opt for a combination of rich royal paisley and floral patterns. Our Finders Keepers Blue collection gives your décor that bohemian, retro vibe. When paired with muted tones, this swirling motif makes a playful, chic interior. The designs vary in size and prints and each of these stylish pillows radiates a unique identity. Paired on a bed and sofa, this is a must-have for every elegant home. These and many more color, pattern, and texture pairings can be found in our “Lifestyle Design Series.” These top graded indoor and outdoor pillows offered at our online stores can be mixed and matched with cushions for a variety of indoor/outdoor furniture including benches, chaise lounge, chairs, wrought iron seats, wicker seats.. Here at Pillow Perfect, we’re dedicated to advancing our craft and look forward to introducing many new designs for 2015.

January 20, 2015

Throw Pillow Inserts; the Materials Matter!

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Whether you have a new throw pillow cover that needs an insert or you are replacing one that has seen better days, it’s good to know the materials they come in so you can make the best choice.

Polyester is the most common material used for throw pillow inserts. It is a popular first choice due to its high resiliency, ease of care and reasonable cost. How the polyester is spun or manufactured influences its density, loft and wear. It is versatile and works in a variety of settings and for many different types of throw pillow covers.

January 15, 2015

Pillow Inserts Instruction Guide

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Replacing pillow inserts may seem like an easy task, but by following these guidelines you can shorten the process, minimize the chance of harming your inserts and ensure you have optimally stuffed pillows to showcase in your home.

First, make sure you purchase the correct size insert. A general guideline is to select a pillow insert that is one size larger than the pillow cover. Following this rule will help ensure your pillows looks fuller, withstand use without sagging and prevent them from looking under-stuffed.

January 12, 2015

Four Tips for a Longer Throw Pillow Life

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Throw pillows could easily add a pop of color to any room by livening it up with cozy and inviting designs. They should also be given just as much care as any other home accessory. Follow these tips to prolong your throw pillow’s life:

January 10, 2015

Decorating Your Outdoor Living Space

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When decorating your outdoor living space, consider the feeling you want to create. Start by recalling your favorite outdoor vacations for inspiration as you begin. Outdoor furniture cushions are an easy way to change the look and feel of you private outdoor living area and help you recreate a favorite time and place.

How Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Help Improve a Home’s Overall Vibe

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Colors help enhance mood in the interior space, and at the same time, serve to put an accent to objects in relation to each other. Bright colored pillows can easily be spotted from across the room when set against a sofa with demure patterns and colors. Fabric, texture, and pattern of throw pillows, when matched carefully, can improve the visual appearance and general vibe of the room. To further kick up the room’s vibrant ambiance, you may mix and match different sizes of throw pillows to provide better visual interest. The best feature of having throw pillows around is its comfort or the “smoosh” factor. Soft, downy or comparatively firm pillows soften the look of edges or hard materials, balancing the elements to create a mood of coziness to make lounging so much more inviting.

January 9, 2015

Don’t Wait Too Late With Your Outdoor Cushions

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Outdoor pillows and cushions follow a different rule. Outdoor pillows are constantly exposed to the elements, with moisture, sunlight, soil, and dust being the most common culprits. In the worst cases, mold may even begin to form inside the foam and on the fabric, making them unhygienic for use. While it’s always great to be able to lounge around on your backyard bench or patio furniture, it’s not as much fun when you’re worried about whether you’re holding a dirty pillow or sitting on a moldy cushion.

January 8, 2015

It’s So Fluffy! Fuzzy Pillow Inserts Change the Look of Your Couch

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If you’re looking for a bit of change in your living room, but aren't really up for a total makeover or a renovation, you can still change the look in your room by simply changing your throw pillows. They’re affordable, and you can do it anytime, without delay. For amazing throw pillows, one of the things that you need to look into is the quality of the pillow’s insert. Yes, the pillow you’ve got your eye on might have the fluffiest pillow inserts, but will it still hold after a few months of use? Apartment Therapy offers this useful tip on trying out a pillow for quality.

January 6, 2015

Spice Up your Living Room like a Parisian

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Feel like lounging in picturesque Paris?  You can turn your living room into an authentic-looking Parisian living room by following these tips.

Group your furniture and furnishings with floral prints.  Decorative pillows, seat cushions, and table covers must contain at least a small helping of large soft floral designs in order to create that classy, chic feel. Remember to look for upholstery made from natural materials such as linen and silk, and keep all other décor in plain, toned-down hues to avoid overloading the room with florals. It would help augment the ambiance more if the furniture has curvaceous soft silhouettes.

Reputable Decorative Outdoor Cushions Maker Celebrates its 25th Year

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The company’s rich history dates back in 1989 when brothers Paul and David started a business for manufacturing decorative pillows. After securing their first major order, they had only their credit cards to finance the production. With sheer determination, they were able to beat the odds and prove their reliability to their first major customer. The company’s growth involved lots of moving around. It relocated to Marietta, Georgia in 1993, and then returned to Woodstock, Georgia in 1999. Currently, the manufacturer is headquartered in a 40,000–square-foot complex in Woodstock, Georgia, staffed by about 65 personnel.

January 5, 2015

Choosing Pillows to Complete Your Living Room

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Decorative pillows are key components to a well-dressed living room. The right decorative pillows add personality and a finishing touch to your couches and chairs. But, with so many options, how does one make the right selection? These guidelines will help.

Size, Shape and Quantity: Decorative pillows come in various shapes and sizes, from square or rectangular to round or oblong. 18-inch square pillows are standard and fit nicely in nearly any décor, whereas 24 –inch, oversized pillows contribute to a casual look. Bolster pillows and rectangular pillows provide back support and add interest. Apply the decorating rule-of-three and group your pillows one, three or five per location to create interest and add balance to your room.