November 28, 2014

What You Need to Know about Throw Pillow Inserts

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Throw pillow inserts, just like any other furnishing in your abode, have the ability to both enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room it is placed on and provide you and your guests a comfortable pillow to place on your laps. However, in order to achieve that perfect marriage of fashion and function, a couple of things should be kept in mind.
Regarding function, throw pillow inserts can be stuffed with a myriad of materials that can act as the soft part of the pillow. From artificial products like polyester, beanbag fillings, Styrofoam, and other fibers, to more natural ones like cotton, goose or duck feathers, horse hair, and even leaves, you can have your fill (no pun intended) of what material best fits your household.
That being said, when opting for more natural material, it is important that you figure out if anyone in your family or friends are allergic to certain fillings. To be on the safe side, you can opt to choose hypoallergenic throw pillow inserts to mitigate allergic reactions.

For fashion, designing your throw pillow is wholly up to you– you can choose to follow a theme for your throw pillows and couches, or have the pillow covers embroidered with various designs; you can even use an entirely different material altogether for your inserts. Essentially, what you can do with throw pillow inserts is limited only to your imagination.

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