January 5, 2015

Choosing Pillows to Complete Your Living Room

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Decorative pillows are key components to a well-dressed living room. The right decorative pillows add personality and a finishing touch to your couches and chairs. But, with so many options, how does one make the right selection? These guidelines will help.

Size, Shape and Quantity: Decorative pillows come in various shapes and sizes, from square or rectangular to round or oblong. 18-inch square pillows are standard and fit nicely in nearly any décor, whereas 24 –inch, oversized pillows contribute to a casual look. Bolster pillows and rectangular pillows provide back support and add interest. Apply the decorating rule-of-three and group your pillows one, three or five per location to create interest and add balance to your room. 

Color, Patterns and Textures: Choose pillows in shades that blend well with your room’s décor, including your furniture, rugs and window treatments. Don’t be afraid to display solid-color decorative pillows alongside different patterns and textures. Just remember to stay within the same color family. Textured pillows add contrast against leather furniture and can be functional as well in adding traction. Plush velvet pillows can add warmth while nubby silk fabrics lend a formal feel to your living room.

Style: From traditional to transitional, decorative pillows can help you achieve the look and feel you want. They add personality and interest while reflecting your tastes and your vision. Follow these guidelines, but most important, choose what you love. This way, your unique style will be reflected.

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