January 12, 2015

Four Tips for a Longer Throw Pillow Life

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Throw pillows could easily add a pop of color to any room by livening it up with cozy and inviting designs. They should also be given just as much care as any other home accessory. Follow these tips to prolong your throw pillow’s life:

1.       For minor soiling, blot out dirt with a damp cloth. Do not rub as this can push the stain deeper and spread it wider over the fiber. If the stain is heavy, do a spot clean with a mild detergent or sparkling water, then hang it out to dry.

2.       Cut loose threads to avoid fabric runs.  If there are pulls and snags within the fabric already, ensure that a hole doesn’t develop by patiently and steadily pushing the loose thread from the front of the fabric to the back.

3.      Fluffing your pillows redistributes the fibers inside and allows them to maintain their natural resilience. 

4.      Keep them away from direct exposure to sunlight to avoid extreme fading.

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