January 15, 2015

Pillow Inserts Instruction Guide

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Replacing pillow inserts may seem like an easy task, but by following these guidelines you can shorten the process, minimize the chance of harming your inserts and ensure you have optimally stuffed pillows to showcase in your home.

First, make sure you purchase the correct size insert. A general guideline is to select a pillow insert that is one size larger than the pillow cover. Following this rule will help ensure your pillows looks fuller, withstand use without sagging and prevent them from looking under-stuffed.

Secondly, plan to take your time. Force-fitting a pillow insert into the pillow cover may take more time than you think – especially the first time you replace it. So plan accordingly and exercise patience for the best results.

Third, gently fold the pillow insert before inserting into the pillow cover. Align the insert into the far corners and then gradually release the pillow, allowing it to spread and fill the cover. Following this procedure will reduce the chance of tearing the pillow cover!

Lastly, close the pillow gently, making sure not to allow the zipper to catch on the insert. Taking care this final step will make your patience pay off!

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