January 20, 2015

Throw Pillow Inserts; the Materials Matter!

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Whether you have a new throw pillow cover that needs an insert or you are replacing one that has seen better days, it’s good to know the materials they come in so you can make the best choice.

Polyester is the most common material used for throw pillow inserts. It is a popular first choice due to its high resiliency, ease of care and reasonable cost. How the polyester is spun or manufactured influences its density, loft and wear. It is versatile and works in a variety of settings and for many different types of throw pillow covers.

Another common material used in throw pillow inserts is natural fill, usually a combination of feather and down. Feathers come from geese or ducks that have been cleaned and sterilized. Down is the light, fluffy undercoat that helps insulate fowl and keep them warm. Down is a popular choice because it conforms to your body, provides good support and can last longer than synthetic fill. Used most often in sleeping pillows, it is also a popular choice for throw pillow inserts. Down/feather mixtures tend to be more affordable than pillow inserts made of all down.

Synthetic down is made of synthetic or natural fibers and is manufactured to emulate the feel and resiliency of natural down. Often preferred by those with allergies who are sensitive to down, it is also less expensive.

Buying natural or synthetic throw pillow inserts is a matter of personal taste, preference and budget. Whichever material you choose, purchase an insert one or two inches larger than your pillow cover. For example, select a 22-inch insert for your 20-inch pillow. Buying an insert larger than the cover will help you create the most visually pleasing look for your throw pillows.

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