June 8, 2015

Decorative Pillows Provide the Finishing Touch to a Well-Dressed Room

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Any time you are redecorating and furnishing a room in your home, one of the toughest tasks is deciding amongst all of your options. Between the color of paint for the walls, seating, curtains and rugs there are an endless array of styles to choose from.

Color Selection Helps Tie Together Elements of Your Room
One thing to keep in mind is all the small pieces that will help top off your space once you have added all the key elements, such as a couch, area rug, coffee tables and curtains. Decorative pillows are a superb addition for adding a splash of color or for tying together the theme of your room. By selecting decorative pillows that complement the color or pattern of your curtains, for example, your space will feel just like those in model homes.

Texture Adds Interest and Personality
Choosing decorative pillows with interesting shapes and textures is another way to bring new flavor to your room.  In addition to considering different color combinations, remember to look at textures as well. A low-pile carpet, for example, will benefit from embellished or open weave decorative pillows. A solid color couch will look livelier with pillows with sequins.

While redoing a room may seem overwhelming at times, think ahead to the fun that comes with accessorizing and adding the finishing touch with decorative pillows.

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