June 23, 2015

Easy Outdoor Entertaining

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Summertime and outdoor entertaining go hand in hand. There’s no better way to spend time with friends than an outdoor barbecue or get together on your private deck or patio. To keep the entertainment fresh and conversations lively, consider a Hawaiian theme for your next party. Here are easy steps you can take.

Create an invitation with a picture of Waikiki Beach or a famous Hawaiian sunset. On the invitation, tell your friends to wear a Hawaiian shirt or Hawaiian dress (called a “mu mu”). When they arrive, greet them in a traditional Hawaiian way with a colorful, floral necklace, or lei.

The menu
To have time to spend with your guests, it’s best to keep things simple. One way to do this is to ask each of your friends to bring their favorite Hawaiian-themed side dish or beverage. Providing a theme gives your friends parameters and an easier way to be creative.

Plan to supply the main dish. A simple and delicious choice is Hawaiian chicken. Simply grill the chicken as you normally would, and near the end of the cooking time, add pineapple-flavored barbecue sauce. Grill slices of pineapple last, and serve the chicken and pineapple with side dishes provided by guests. This simple menu is party-pleasing, easy and economical.

The decorations
Tiki torches add atmosphere, and filled with citronella, help keep mosquitoes away. Colorful glasses and pitchers topped off with a cheerful umbrella and fruit slices are sure to add a festive touch. Party stores and outdoor living stores are a great place to find these items.

The furniture
Outdoor cushions are a must to keep your guests comfortable. Buy some in a Hawaiian-themed print, or bright colors like turquoise, fuchsia, coral and greens that are reminiscent of the tropical climate of the islands. Coordinate with flowers, place settings and tableware in similar colors to extend the exotic, festive theme. Outdoor cushions are available in many different sizes, so you can transform your entire outdoor living area into an inviting oasis. 

The atmosphere
Don’t forget the music! Set up outdoor speakers and create a playlist of Hawaiian-themed songs. Assign your kids (or spouse) to this fun assignment. For starters, look for artist like Elvis and Don Ho, or search for ukulele artists or music for luaus.

Themed parties are a fun and easy way to entertain your guests. This is just one idea, but use your imagination to come up with many more. Who knows? You may start a trend and find your home a gathering place for outdoor parties all season long.

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