June 23, 2015

How to Prepare Your Front Porch for Visitors

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There’s nothing more iconic or inviting than a front porch. In small towns, suburbs or large cities, the front porch is a welcoming retreat. It’s easy to imagine the conversations, the company, and the good memories that have taken place on the front porches of thousands of homes across America.

This summertime, extend your home to the outdoors and freshen up your front porch to welcome guests and strangers alike; after all, what is a stranger but someone you’ve never met, and that happens only once.

To create a positive first impression to your home and a relaxing retreat for yourself any time of day, spruce up your front porch. First, check boards for lose screws or nails and re-secure or replace as needed.

Next, examine the paint or stain finish. Scrape peeling paint (making sure to discard the peelings so they cannot be consumed by pets) and sand the area. Then, touch up with matching paint or stain. You may need to scrape the paint and sand to get rid of splinters before reapplying paint or stain.  

After these modifications, you can return your outdoor rocking chairs, side tables, swings, and other items to your porch. While you’re at it, check your rocking chair cushions and outdoor cushions for small holes, tears or stains to determine if they need to be replaced. At minimum, even if they were stored in a deck box, clean them following the manufacturer’s directions to remove the musty odor or grime that may have collected over the winter.

Last, add decorative touches, such as potted plants or outdoor pillows to match your rocking chair cushions. Like a fresh coat of paint or deck stain, clean furniture and accessories will complete the inviting look you are seeking.

Welcome the warm weather, friends and visitors by sprucing up your front porch. You will be glad you did!

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